Our deep gratitude to each and every one of you, who so lovingly cared for our mom and grandmother, Dorothy. You became her family in such a very short time. 

Linda and family

Unexpected turn of events, my mom had a significant stroke, and needed nursing home care. I was blessed to have run into a woman named Andrea M, who told me just what to do. Located in Shoreline, this facility is rated 5 stars by more than just me! Turned out that Andrea’s boss is also somebody I knew, Donna M. Both Andrea and Donna guided me through the process, made me and my mom feel comfortable, and her recovery is well beyond what any of my family and the doctors expected. It is impossible to list all of the names of the angels at this facility who are responsible for the excellent care and mom’s amazing recovery. Sherrell, our social worker at PR helped and guided us to a wonderful AFH in the end. Nobody wants to go into a facility like this, but if you need one love, care, hygiene, health, decent meals are all a part of this facility. You can trust and count on these professionals.

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Park Ridge is safe, loving, responsible, and overall top notch! Hopefully my review will give you the courage to give this facility a chance. My mom had a severe stroke and has been here for 2 months so far, and let me tell you, after you hear all of the nightmares about nursing care centers out there, it is your worst nightmare to have to find one for a beloved family member. I am the type of person who researches everything and the greatest frustration I had during such a stressful time was the lack of available “consumer” reviewers on nursing homes. You can find reviews on but I wanted to know what PEOPLE thought about these care centers, not reviews by government paid staff. The staff here are so loving to their patients, even the ones who have dementia or are struggling with issues that make them combative. The nursing and rehab care is administered by reliable, consistent, professional RNs and therapists. The aides are also very responsible, gentle, and thorough, for example, in cleaning those who are incontinent and helping with feeding those who are relearning how to swallow. The administrators are constantly seeking feedback on how they might improve as a facility. And, it is CLEAN. If you ever need to find a place for a loved one, I suggest you give Park Ridge a chance. We toured another facility before deciding on this place – the other facility was stunningly beautiful, but the staff seemed detached from the care aspect. They couldn’t share with us any plan they would have for my mom regarding her rehabilitation. Park Ridge said all the right things when we did the tour, and the big question mark was – Can they Deliver?? The answer is a huge YES! I hope you never have to go through something like this, but if you do, I hope you find a facility as wonderful as Park Ridge. 

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I transferred my dad to Park Ridge from another facility, and I am so glad I did! Park Ridge rehab therapy services worked with him so that now he is talking a lot, feeds himself, gets up for activities, and they healed the pressure ulcer he got at the bad facility he came from. The staff at Park Ridge are very engaged with the patients, truly caring, enthusiastic! My dad loves it here.

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